We work with individual schools to design and implement organic vegetable gardens on school grounds as the basis for experiential education at all grade levels. We supervise the garden creation coordination with students and teachers, followed by continued support and assistance for staff and volunteers to make the most of your new outdoor classroom.


These gardens provide vital experiential education opportunities across disciplines and are essential tools in fostering environmental stewardship and increasing food literacy among children and youth.


🌿 Garden Build is the staple workshop of Growing Up Organic. All of our classes build up on this one. We provide all the materials and guidance needed to build three beautiful and practical garden beds. Once built, it’s time to experiment and have fun! 🌿


Building the Garden is easy! It’s all a matter of team work 🙌. Follow the steps outlined in this video to discover how it’s done!


First half of the frame built

Finished Frame without the landscape fabric