Donate & Support

Volunteers, sponsors and donors make our programs possible.

As a regional chapter of a national charitable organization, COG OSO has to be creative about generating the resources needed to deliver our services to the communities of eastern and western Ontario.


Volunteers, sponsors and donors make our programs possible. Your contributions go directly to the programs that we provide – whether it’s developing hands-on workshops for children and youth in schools and helping them to build their own organic schoolyard gardens, or training farmers how to teach others about how organic farming practices are healthier for people, wildlife, and the environment.

You can support our charitable services in several ways:

Donate online using PayPal

Become a one-time, yearly, or monthly donor and get a tax receipt. 

You can donate and specify where your donation goes, ie:   

General/Other (COG OSO Chapter), Growing Up Organic (GUO) or Senior Organic Gardener (SOG) and Eco Farm Days (EFD).

You can also support GUO by purchasing our Garden Planting Calendar, available on Etsy.

Growing Up Organic Grandir Bio planning a garden